Chris Nice, Principal Investigator


I am generally interested in evolutionary genetics and ecology. I am particularly interested in using genomics tools to investigate hybridization, differentiation and speciation. In addition, I have interests in the evolution of morphological and life history traits in a variety of organisms, but mostly butterflies. My lab also uses genomics tools for conservation genetics projects. These conservation projects are mostly focused on Texas Hill Country endemic species that are threatened or endangered. For more, click here.


Kate Bell, Ph.D. StudentDSC02236

Kate is broadly interested in the evolution and maintenance of reproductive isolation. She works on a range of taxonomic species from butterflies through to fish. She is also interested in climate modeling and the use of long term data sets. For more information please visit her website here.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.12.49 PMWill Coleman, Ph.D. Student

Will is generally interested in evolutionary ecology, with an emphasis on species of conservation concern. His research focuses on organisms with adaptations to subterranean life. He is particularly interested in using genomic tools to estimate genetic diversity and uncover population structure in endangered and narrowly endemic Edwards Aquifer taxa. Will is co-advised by Dr. Benjamin Schwartz.


Amara Garza, M.S. Student

Amara is interested in ecological speciation. Currently she is focusing on the geometric differences of clutches in two Asterocampa species. Specifically she is interested in discovering the adaptive and ecological implications these shapes have on the caterpillars and the species as a whole.



Previous Lab Members

Sarah Bialik, MS 2017
Desirae Weyland MS 2013
Kate Bell MS 2012
Laura Alberici Da Barbiano (Co-advised with Dr. C. Gabor) PhD 2012
Joshua Ethridge MS 2011
Michelle Downey MS 2010
Tina Gonzales MS 2008
Clay Williams MS 2008
Lauren Lucas MS 2006
Zachariah Gompert MS 2006
Maurine Spencer MS 2005
Dijar J. Lutz-Carillo (Co-advised with Dr. T. Bonner) MS 2004